Smart Learning Pack
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The Smart Learning Pack includes 4 magazines (1 year subscription for each)

1) LIVE 互動雜誌 (12 issues) or ABC 
互動雜誌 (12 issues) (select 1)
2) Smart Mathematics (10 issues) or Young Scientists (10 issues) 
(select 1)
3) National Geographic Kids (10 issues)
4) 知識大圖解 (12 issues)

Magazines (Click on the covers for more detail description)



Smart Mathematicians opens up a world of fun and excitement in an innovative way of learning Mathematics
without the boredom and drudgery.  Enjoy interesting Mathematics based stories interwoven with syllabus
concepts.  Practive to improve your Math skills with exams-based quizzes and exercises.

Endeavours to open up the world of Science to curious minds to prepare them for a fascinating journey
into the studies of various Sciences in the years to come. The stories are creatively crafted and
illustrated with animation of the highest standard in the comic industry.
Entertains children while educating and exciting them about their world. The original photo-driven
kids’ magazine, it features the exceptional photography you’d expect from the National Geographic
brand, and in an interactive, multi-topic magazine covering animals, entertainment, science, technology,
current events, and cultures from around the globe.

《How It Works》擅長將複雜的知識轉化為活潑有趣的圖解知識,編輯方式以圖像化百科呈現,
簡單易讀再搭配世界權威的知識結晶,使《How It Works》雜誌暢銷全球、好評不斷。


Recommended age & publish schedule
Titles Recommended Age issues per year remarks
ABC互動雜誌 6-12 12  
Live互動雜誌 10-14 12  
Smart Mathematic Lower Level ( P1-P3), Upper Level (P4-P6) 10 non-publish in Nov & Dec
Young Scientists Level 1( P1-P2), Level 2 (P3-P4), Level 3 (P5-P6), Level 4 (P6-S2) 10 non-publish in Nov & Dec
National Geographic Kids 6-12 10 Double issues (Jun/ Jul & Dec/ Jan)
知識大圖解 all ages 12  

** For Smart Mathematicians and Young Scientists, once you have made the purchase, our sales representative will contact you to see which level you prefer.


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