YBCL New Language Card Set



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This Card set includes : Shape Bias Language Cards and Lift-the-Flap Language Cards

Shape Bias Language Cards : This set has 177 double-sided cards with words, pictures, and descriptive sentences.  These cards are numbered to match the Teaching Cards and are desgined to help the child learn the shape bias.  The shape bias is an important concept for babies and toddlers because the rate of word learning improves once the child learns that the sahpes of objects (such as chairs, books, and cups, etc.) generally provide more infomation about the objects' functions than their colors, textures, sizes, or materials.  The front of the cards shows the same words with different fonts and colors.  This side of the cards is designed to help the child learn the words' shape are more important than their colors, specific fonts, or background colors.  The back of each card has a photo and a descriptive sentence demonstrating the word's meaning.  Includes language development tips and word cover to help isolate individual words.

Lift-the-Flap Language Cards : This set has 40 all-new lift-the-flap cards focusing on important areas of language development.  Volumes 1 and 2 (12 cards) are designed to help children learn their firs written words and meaning of these words.  Volume 3 (6 cards) focuses on helping your child learn short written phrases and sentences.  Volume 4 (6 cards) gives your child practive forming higher-level categoris and introduces some new written vocabulary words.  Volume 5 (16 cards) has around 200 rhyming words which may be used to help your child learn some analytical phonics.

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