Whirlpool Max Patisserie


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Multi-functional - Meet the Needs of The Whole Family
With just one appliance, you can prepare healthy meals for the whole family. From baby to children to adults to the elderly, you can user this multi-functional patisserie to pamper every family member.
Healthy Baby Food Making Without Preservatives
Customized program is available for making baby food. Healthy baby food like porridge, mashed carrots or apples can be prepared easily with no preservatives and no manual mashing of food.
m.a.x. Patisserie's preset program enables making of baby food with no preservatives and no manual mashing of food.
Capable of Porridge, Noodle or Rice
Soft and hot rice can be enjoyed every meal even without a rice cooker. With a little bit of creativity, you can cook a wide range of dishes such as onigiri, baked rice, rice roll or noodle etc. 
17 Preset Programs for Extra Convenience
17 preset programs are available so you can cook many dishes by pressing one button: jam, pizza, rice cake and bread etc. There are also two favourite programs to record your own recipes and time for each baking stage. Further, the removable fruit and nuts dispenser  allow dispensing of ingredients automatically at the right time.

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